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How to Manage Your Payment Account

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You can manage your shop finances in the Payment Account in Shop Manager. In your Payment Account, you can pay your amount due and schedule the deposits of available SBL Payment sales funds.

To review your Payment Account:

  1. On, click the My Account icon, then click Shop Manager Dashboard.
  2. Click Shop Profile.
  3. Click Payments.

How your payment account works

If you’re enrolled in SBL Payments, your commission fees are automatically deducted from your sales. This means that at any time, you’ll only have a value in either your amount due or your amount available for deposit.

Sales & Credits

Your Sales & Credits total is your net SBL Payments sales total. This is your SBL Payments sales minus commission fees and taxes collected by SBL.

You can see the details of your Sales in your statement In your Shop Dashboard Manager under “Sales report”.

Recent activities

Your Recent activities show the 30 most recent activities in your Payment account. To see all activities in your shop, view your sale report.

In your Recent activities, you can see the:

  • Date: The date this charge or transaction took place.
  • Type: The category of activity, like VAT, Transaction, Sale, Listing, etc.
  • Description: The specific activity. This can show the item sold or the activity that incurred tax or fees.
  • Amount: The amount of money you made or refunded for this activity.
  • Fees & Taxes: The fees and taxes incurred by this activity. Learn more about fees.
  • Net: This is the gross amount of the sale minus fees and taxes.
  • Balance: The net (sale amount minus fees and/or taxes) of the specific line item.
  • Current balance: This is your running net balance of all activity in your Payment account. It may not match your Available for deposit, as it may include sales not yet available for deposit. Learn when sales funds become available.

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