BIGVU – Video creating tool

A TV Studio in Your Pocket - Ready to start making pro videos and engage with interactive videos. Everything you need to make awesome video presentations, teleprompter, subtitles generated automatically, an online video editor. Turn Video Editing into Business -…

BIGVU – Video creating tool
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BIGVU – Video creating tool

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18.75 Incl. VAT / month

A TV Studio in Your Pocket – Ready to start making pro videos and engage with interactive videos. Everything you need to make awesome video presentations, teleprompter, subtitles generated automatically, an online video editor.

Turn Video Editing into Business – Script, shoot, style, share with an all-in-one app: teleprompter, automatic captions, brand with your logo and style, email or message your videos on elegant landing pages.

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Editing and creating video content can be time-consuming and expensive.

You want to produce high-quality, engaging videos that will help your website or business stand out from the competition.

BIGVU offers a comprehensive video editing suite that makes creating and promoting videos easy and affordable. From prepping footage to finishing touches, our tools make video production simple and efficient.

We love this tool because of its: 

🎥  Feasible editing process that’s helps you stray away from lengthy YouTube tutorials
🤝  High Quality, AI-Powered features that increases video production/output
©  Music library that is copyright free
🦾  Automated business cards that keep your online brand formal 

This uniquely deal is part of HubLearn empowerment and growth program. We have been early access buyers/investors as part of our empowerment program and made a unique deal – that is the reason for the low price. We are empowering you in your journey and growth.

Here are 6 reasons why you should use BIGVU for your business videos 

Craft concise messages for maximum impact. 

Teleprompt your scripts, always know what to say, rambling gives people a bad impression of you. With the BIGVU teleprompter, record videos up to 59 minutes long on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or desktop. 

Polish your videos in minutes. 

Your brand, your style. Add your logo, brand colors, stunning captions automatically (many people will watch your video without sound), and a business card outro for instant recognition with your contact information. 

Post Everywhere, Know What’s Working 

With one click, you can post your videos simultaneously to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
NEW – BIGVU analytics dashboard gives you insights on how your videos are performing across all social media channels. 

Elegant Video Emails or Messages 

Publish your video in a landing page, with your logo, company details and custom call-to-action buttons. With BIGVU Pages, you can easily track views and get instant replies to your video emails or messages. 

Work with a team, as your team 

Shared workspaces for team members to collaborate on projects, create, script, assign, edit, review and publish videos efficiently and collaboratively.
Agencies can manage multiple client accounts and keep track of all the different assets you need to share with team members and clients. Every customer only sees his/her brand media assets. 

Live Streaming on social media directly from BIGVU. 

So if you’re looking for a tool that can help grow your audience quickly and easily, then look no further than BIGVU! 

How easy it is:

Start with the teleprompter feature, which will keep you focused on your camera for concise, engaging narration.

You can control the scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure, as well as adjust the lighting to make your setup perfect.

The teleprompter app is available on both iOS and Android devices, so you’ll be good to go no matter which side of the smartphone spectrum you fall on.

Once you’re done nailing your lines, you can overlay subtitles to your videos in no time.

BIGVU automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard, with captions that perfectly match your narration.

You can even highlight keywords, with options to add bold, italics, and colors to your text.

There’s no need to be a one-person show, either.

Upload your videos to a shared cloud workspace for team members to review, edit, and publish your content.

The mobile app lets collaborators write scripts that can be pushed straight to your recording device.

Plus, with a shared media library, you can organize your brand photos and videos into shareable folders for your crew.

Use the cloud workspace and media library to easily collaborate with your team for a polished product!

With the teleprompter feature, you’ll be able to add your logo to the video.

BIGVU also offers motion titling, which lets you display headlines on the lower-third screen section and choose from minimalist titling to full-blown TV-style headline options.

The tool also makes it easy to craft your intro and outros for a perfect bookend to your content every time.

There’s even Chroma Key, for effortlessly replacing green screens with the background or video loop of your choice.

Throw in some background music for an emotional pull, and you’ve got a setup that’ll give Colbert a run for his money.

Add your logo and customizable motion titling to videos in seconds!

Just because your film crew consists of a smartphone tripod and your tabby cat doesn’t mean that you can’t crank out professional videos.

BIGVU lets you take your operation big time with a teleprompter, green screen replacement, motion titling, and automatic captions, plus cloud editing and remote collaboration features.

With a tool like this, you could just be the next BIG thing.

Features & Benefits

  • Teleprompter
  • Video recorder
  • All recordings without BIGVU logo
  • Share to social one by one
  • Download file
  • Professional titling
  • Music backgrounds
  • Replace green background
  • One-click post to multiple social networks
  • Your corporate branding
  • Customize titling, fonts, and colors
  • Other advanced features

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