Business Plan and Pitching Software access (

[videopress LBMyIVDk] Turn No's into YES from investors and banks. Why spend days, weeks, even months writing a startup pitch or a plan for a new business? Cuttles is an AI-powered creation assistant that will save you time and stress…

Business Plan and Pitching Software access (
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Business Plan and Pitching Software access (

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75.00 Incl. VAT / year

Turn No’s into YES from investors and banks. Why spend days, weeks, even months writing a startup pitch or a plan for a new business?

Cuttles is an AI-powered creation assistant that will save you time and stress with its fully interactive and guided pitch and business plan platform.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or want to innovate in tech, you can easily use Cuttles to create a strong baseline.

So get started today with a click of a but- ton, and Cuttles will guide you through the necessary frameworks and blueprints needed to build your startup.

Cuttles are all the features you need to create a pitch deck or write a business plan —that stands out from the crowd.

Get ready to meet investors with confidence with the Cuttles app.

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More than 200 million EUR raised by using this software/platform. And trusted by 20.000+ startups, investors and students.

As part of the HubLearn upskilling program, We are given you the best ways to be upskilled and save money on licensing.

HubLearn wants to co-create opportunities with business and people so they can have an income and stay relevant now and in the future. By that HubLearn negotiates the price and benefits within the deals, which is the reason we can offer a competitive price.

This offer has a value of at least 192 EUR yearly (16 EUR x 12 months). But via HubLearn you can get it for 60 EUR/yearly.

You will get access to the Grow Plan of and you will have access to the Cluttles Startup Academy.

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Problem: Pitching your business and ideas can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful

Agitate: You’re not sure where to start or what to include. The process seems overwhelming and you’re worried you might miss something important.

Solution: With Cuttles, you’ll get a fully interactive and guided platform that will take the guesswork out of pitching. Plus, our AI-powered assistant will help you create a strong baseline that covers everything from your idea to your business goals.

What export and sharing options are available?
😁  You can export your Pitch, Business Plan, and Team features to PDF. You can also export the spreadsheets in your Budget to XLSX, PNG, and CSV formats.
Sharing: You can choose to share your entire startup either publicly with a link or privately by inviting people to view your startup inside the Cuttles web app.

🤨  What languages are available?
😁  You can use the Cuttles web app in 6 languages. We offer 🇺🇸English, 🇪🇸Spanish, 🇵🇹Portuguese, 🇩🇪German, 🇫🇷French and :🇩🇰 Danish. Just note, however, our customer support is only in English.

🤨: Is the Business Plan confidential?
😁: Your business plan is entirely confidential, and your content will remain private unless you choose to share it by exporting or inviting guests to see your work in the Cuttles web app.

🤨: How does Cuttles secure my data?
😁: All account and plan data is stored on multiple European servers and backed up daily. All credit card transactions are processed using bank-level, PCI-compliant SSL encryption. Cuttles follows all European security standards. Our product runs on a dedicated network locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored 24 hours a day.

🤨: Is there a way to customize the Cuttles structure/layout in the app?
😁: Yes, you can change names, add sections, and change places as you please. Feel free to explore all the possibilities inside the app. However, the essential information is already there, so we recommend keeping the core sections as they are.


Features Summary

  • Pitch
  • Team functionality
  • Business plan
  • Budgets
  • Roadmap
  • In-app guides and examples
  • Sharing and exporting
  • Customer perks: discounts, educational resources, domain hosting, website consultancy, and more

Features in detail

Structure, validate and pitch your idea in minutes.

The Canvas feature allows you to structure and validate your idea quickly and effortlessly. Get inspired by real-world examples to develop your canvas template with guides. Convince investors, your team, and future customers to get on board with your business idea.

Business Plan
Finish your business plan in a fraction of the time.

We want you to make the most of your time! Our fully customizable startup business plan template is packed with examples and step-by-step guides to help you write a modern business plan and roadmap your way towards milestones in no time.

Working with numbers has never been simpler.

Our guided Budget tool makes it smooth and handy for you to create budgets and manage your finances. You’ll always have a simple overview of your financial situation right at hand. Keep track of your runway, and forecast your expenses, revenue, capital, and break-even point

Lower execution risks, manage equity, get funded.

Your team is your most important asset, equity is your most valuable commodity. Both will massively affect your chances of raising investment. Present your team and showcase ownership and cap table with our Team feature

Roadmap your way towards your milestones and goals.

A plan brings your team together and keeps everyone on track towards your goals. With our Roadmap feature, you can set milestones, prioritize tasks, track your progress and be on your way to hitting those targets month after month.

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