Guided Selling Flow (WP Guidant Pro)

Build Multi-step Guided Selling Process & Smart Forms to Convert 10X More Traffic Into Leads & New Customers. Growth Focused This is a plugin that streamlines the shopping process by guiding website visitors as they are shopping, making it easier…

Guided Selling Flow (WP Guidant Pro)
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Guided Selling Flow (WP Guidant Pro)

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31.25 Incl. VAT / year

Build Multi-step Guided Selling Process & Smart Forms to Convert 10X More Traffic Into Leads & New Customers. Growth Focused

This is a plugin that streamlines the shopping process by guiding website visitors as they are shopping, making it easier for site visitors to find different products in a short time.

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Designed to integrate smoothly with your WordPress database, the WP Guidant organizes and filters data easily, making it easier for site visitors to find various products. 

Whether your site features tons of products or services, this plugin can organize data in a simplified manner to give users the results that they might be searching for. 

Think of it like a step-by-step guide plugin, which analyzes the input of visitors, then lists the products that the users might be looking for. 

On top of that, it is quite effective in analyzing the user input in a short span of time to produce results quickly, converting traffic into leads quite easily. 

Unlike other WordPress plugins, the WP Guidant has filters that can help you convert traffic into leads quite easily. Such filters can display different types of fields and are quite versatile. 

Not to mention, this plugin has different types of filters, making it easier for you to use the one that suits you the most.   

It might be a suitable plugin for you if you have an online store with a large product catalog. 

On top of that, the WP Guidant might also be an ideal plugin for online entrepreneurs who offer different types of services at a certain rate.      

The WP Guidant is available in two different versions; the free version and the premium version. 

The free version of WP Guidant is available on and the official site. On the other hand, the premium version of this plugin is available in three different plans. The Achiever plan costs $49 and is suitable for a single site. The Freelancer plan is $99, and it’s ideal for 10 sites. The Agency plan is $179. The top-tier plan lets you install the plugin on unlimited sites. 

But If you purchase WP Guidant from us, you can purchase it with very competitive price. 25 euro as one-time fee and 25 euro for a year which costs total 50 euro which gives you access to lifetime support, unlimited guides, and lifetime plugin update.  it is quite affordable as compared to other WordPress plugins.       

How does it work?  

The guided process is like a step-by-step question session for the users. By picking a choice in every step, the user gets close to the most desired answer they seek.  

Simply, WP Guidant takes user input on the filters and displays the closest things (post, product, etc.) that match the clients’ criteria. The entire process takes only a couple of seconds, but the result is extraordinary!  

Simply, WP Guidant filters every product on your site and picks the most suitable ones for you. Visitors just need to go through the steps to the result. Everything is completed in a single minute. 


Guide to the Desired Product It’s very natural for a customer to get lost in a large category of products. WP Guidant takes note of customer preferences and guides them to their desired product. It is an amazingly simple step-by-step method that integrates into your online shop.  

Display the Expected Product  
WP Guidant filters out miscellaneous items and brings out the only products the customer wants. The process is super fun and easy, so the customers can do shopping comfortably. An effortless way to boost sales!  

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Forms
Engage users with a quick fill form inside the guided process and directly create sales funnel according to the user’s decisions. Unlike any standard web form, WP Guidant efficiently picks up more leads that convert into customers.

Store & Analyze Data Logs & Win New Potential Customers  
WP Guidant stores the entire process a user goes through inside the guided selling system & multi-step conversational forms. Analyze the data log from your dashboard to generate maximum leads with minimum effort 

Easy Guided Selling  
Make super easy consumer guide among variety to products by sorting with the easy selling process.  

Lots of Filters  
Drive customers through a variety of organized filters to choose the right product they desire to purchase  

Cards & Sliders  
List product categories in cards and sliders to let users make their way through the final product easily.  

Conversational Forms  
Pique user’s interest through a planned multi-step form and make them into potential customers  

Smart Conditional Logic  
Separate filters according to the user behavior in the previous form. Only what they want to see the result.  

No Coding Required
The whole process requires zero coding knowledge! We already made it into a super easy interface. 

Customize Guides
Fully customize the guides to fit into your taste and type of website.  

Easy Integration
Integrate with WordPress and all kinds of themes without exceptions. Also, MailChimp & WooCommerce  

Advise Your Visitors
Recommend good products to your visitors and increase the sales  

Increase ROI
WP Guidant specializes in fast product selection and delivery, which increases ROI.  

Awesome Design
Beautiful layout and appealing interface design to mesmerize the customers  

Error Free Code
WP Guidant has an expertly coded structure with ZERO error, and it’s bug-free.  

Custom Result Attributes
The output of the guided selling process can be customized to show the defined values set previously from the admin end. Result attributes can be added, changed, and rearranged by their placement order.  

Popup Builder
Display the whole Guided Selling Process, including multiple filters into a Popup. Easy to customize popup handlers and popup design. Popups can be displayed by shortcode, so no matter where it is needed can be placed.  

Guide Import/Export
Export guides with their filters, cards, sliders and form elements and their customization. Powerful guide importing functionality to make a proper duplicate of the exported guide for a faster ready-to-go option.  

Ready-made Templates  
10+ ready-made templates you can choose from and create a proper guide with pre-built filters, cards, sliders and form elements and their complete customization with just a click.  

Do real-time data communication with popular web apps or services with the webhook feature. You can send and store user inputs to MailChimp, Mailjet, Google Sheets and many more through popular services such as Pabbly, Zapier, etc. Take advantage of web automation to power your business. 

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