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The Application Process

Application Round 1 - Autumn 2020

The first application round is open from 30 October at 12:00 until and including 13 November at 24.00. Thereafter, the received applications are expected to be processed within 14 days.


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Application Round 2

It will be published on this page when a date for the opening of application round 2 has been decided. It will be in the first half of 2021.

Assessment Criteria

Applications from companies that meet the requirements to be in the target group are assessed according to four criteria:

  1. Realistic adaptation or conversion plan: The activities applied for and purchased services must be likely and realistic to contribute to conversion (points score 1 – 4).
  2. Covid-19 relevance: It must be probable that the company’s need for conversion is a derivative effect of Covid-19 (points score 1 – 4).
  3. Potential: The company must demonstrate that it has the potential to adapt to the changing market conditions with Covid-19, so that they can be viable in the long term (points score 1 – 4).
  4. Industry affiliation: It weighs positively if the company is from the tourism and / or experience industry (points score 2).

Documentation Requirements

All documents are prepared by professional Accountant and IT experts.

In the event of a grant commitment, the applicant will have to obtain 3 offers for each activity applied for in connection with the purchase of a consultant, competence development and equipment, etc. These offers must live up to the current rules on arm’s length and otherwise live up to the requirements of the Public Administration Act.

Once the assignment has been completed, the applicant must submit the following material:

  • Applicants must enclose a de minimis statement stating how much support the company can receive
  • Advisor report (prepared by supplier)
  • Invoice + payment documentation for the purchased services / deliveries
  • Hourly registrations and payslips if a subsidy for wage expenses has been applied for
  • Company final report regarding output and expected effects

The changeover pool is open from 30 October. to 13 Nov. at 24.00

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